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Holiday Fun

Celebrating All The Holidays!

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Do you love all of the holidays? I'm talking about all of them and not just Christmas! Do you like posting fun holiday themed things, links, pics, graphics and more? Want a place to share what you do for each holiday? Then, this is the place for you! Get and share ideas with others that love holidays as much as you do!

Featured in the LJ Spotlight in November 2006! :)

maintained by angelicshadow. originally created by trina_crys.

1. No off-the-topic posting.

2. Even if you don't agree, please allow everyone to voice their own opinion.

3. No flaming, drama, or fighting.

4. If posting a large pic or more than three small pics, use a LJ cut.

5. If posting a file to share, please make it friends only.

6. If you break the rules once, you'll be warned. If you break the rules twice, you'll be banned.

We are currently looking for affiliates. Please go here.

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